FCCPC Launches Innovative TV Series To Curb Tobacco Smoking In Nigeria


The Federal Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (FCCPC) has introduced a groundbreaking innovation television series to curb tobacco use by underage children in Nigeria.

According to FCCPC, the launch of this TV series underscores its dedication to addressing pressing public health challenges and creating positive change for generations to come.

This initiative aligns with the objective of the National Tobacco Control Act (NTCA) to protect young people from the dangers of tobacco use.

With the title “Faith & Fortune”, the TV series further reiterates the Commission’s unwavering commitment to implementing the provisions of the NTCA and safeguarding the health and well-being of young people across Nigeria.

The TV series will debut in June 2024, on DSTV Showcase Channel 151 at 6 pm. The 13-episode intriguing drama series with a compelling storyline will run every Saturday at 6:00 pm with a repeat broadcast every Tuesday at 1:30 pm.

Speaking on the new film, Ag. Executive Vice Chairman at FCCPC, Dr. Adamu Abdullahi said that the commission is committed to protecting our nation’s youths from the dangers of tobacco addiction, noting that, with this TV series, “we aim to reach young people and older people who have a reasonable amount of influence on their young ones about the health risks associated with tobacco use and empower them to make healthy choices.”

He further emphasised the FCCPC’s consumer protection role while stating that the commission recognizes the urgency of implementing innovative strategies to address this pressing issue.

“With tobacco use among minors posing a significant public health concern, Through the power of television, the FCCPC aims to reach a broader audience, engaging viewers of all ages in meaningful conversations about the dangers of underage tobacco consumption,” he said.

Also, the commission stressed that with the array of talented actors and their sterling performances, the TV series is creatively packaged to appeal to teenagers and young adults, adding that, the series will address key issues such as; the addictive nature of tobacco products, the negative health consequences of tobacco use and strategies to resist peer pressure to use tobacco products.

He added that the new TV series represents a significant milestone in the FCCPC’s efforts to create a tobacco-free generation by leveraging the influence of media and storytelling; the commission aims to educate, inspire, and empower individuals to make informed choices regarding tobacco use. 
“Through compelling narratives, real-life testimonies, and expert insights, the series will shed light on the harmful effects of tobacco on young minds and bodies, while also providing resources and support for those seeking assistance,” he said.

In addition, the FCCPC’s TV series will play a crucial role in shaping societal attitudes and driving behavioural change concerning tobacco use, adding that, by raising awareness and promoting dialogue, these efforts would contribute to the larger goal of reducing tobacco-related harm and building healthier communities. 

He further stressed that the Federal Consumer Protection Agency would encourage individuals, families, educators, and policymakers to join forces in raising awareness about the dangers of tobacco use and preventing a new generation from becoming addicted.

The FCCPC currently runs radio adverts, TV Commercials and Out-of-Home advertorials reiterating its message of discouraging underage access and use of tobacco products.

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