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New EXMAN President Roles Out Plans For Association



Kehinde Salami, President, EXMAN.

The President of the Experiential Marketers Association of Nigeria, EXMAN, Kehinde Salami has rolled out plans for the association.

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In an exclusive interview with  Brand Communicator, the Ideas House boss revealed that his plans are divided into four major areas to be keyed into the association’s vision which is ’to be the respected force for the growth of Nigeria’s brands through meaningful experiences.’


According to Kehinde, he aims to deepen knowledge by strengthening the association’s training and capacity building offerings for all its stakeholders -Agency CEO’s, Agency Staff, Third Party Vendors and Brand Ambassadors.

He further promised to engage government at both regulatory (APCON full affiliation) as well as Financial Inclusion levels, opening opportunities for member agencies to access funding at reasonable rates.


Also, he promised to deliver a financially stable association posting positive figures and opening of a befitting office for EXMAN and finally initiate a Social Discovery Programme for youths that leverages on its members vast reach and scale.


He further adds this: “To further improve the impact and perception of the association, I intend with my EXCO to execute a series of initiatives that will catapult EXMAN to its rightful place within the larger marketing ecosystem. Some of these plans include initiating a social discovery program.


“The idea here is to encourage our members to bring forward notable talents that member agencies have discovered on their journey across the country. Some of these guys though highly talented might not have the necessary platform to EXCEL so with EXMAN, you are rest assured that we will ‘find you’ and introduce you to the wider world working with artistes plus event promoters and possibly the clients we all serve.


“I will also ensure we initiate an industry measurement matrix study detailing key facts with respect to Experiential Marketing Offerings and the precise value it brings to the table. The outcome of this exercise will be shared with the clients and industry practitioners as a scientific tool that can be used for evaluation matrix going forward.


“The association’s perception has gained meaningful progress over the years and like I said in my maiden speech, ‘’the baby given birth to 4 years ago is now beginning to crawl with notable features.’’ There is no doubt that the EXMAN brand has successfully grown and is entrenched in the hearts and minds of marketing practitioners. Our job in this EXCO is to do more both internally and externally. A wide range of programmes are currently lined up for these exercises,” he concluded.


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