The Hook Creative Agency Caught A Big Fish: Airtel Nigeria’s Creative Account


The Hook Creative Agency is thrilled to announce a dynamic new partnership with Airtel Networks Limited, a leading telecommunications provider at the forefront of connecting Nigerians.

This collaboration signifies a shared commitment to creating impactful, innovative experiences that resonate deeply with Airtel’s customers nationwide.

As an impact-driven agency, we believe true creativity stems from a desire to make a positive difference. Airtel’s impressive track record in fostering social progress through effective narratives further strengthens this partnership. Their vision of providing affordable and accessible mobile services aligns perfectly with The Hook’s core value: impact-driven creativity.

“At The Hook,” remarks Toheeb Dele-Balogun, the Executive Impact Director at The Hook, “we believe impactful ideas are the heart of true creativity. Partnering with Airtel Nigeria presents a phenomenal opportunity to leverage our creative expertise in crafting experiences and campaigns that resonate deeply with all stakeholders. We’re excited to embark on this journey, fostering brand growth and amplifying Airtel’s positive influence in Nigeria.”

Led by the combined expertise of Adebayo Owosina, Akinwale Muse, Sam Ochonma, and Toheeb Dele-Balogun, The Hook is committed to crafting impactful narratives and this strategic partnership with Airtel Nigeria ushers in a new era of impactful storytelling. Together, we aim to redefine the boundaries of creative communication in Nigeria, leaving a lasting legacy that empowers, inspires, and connects.

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