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Cellulant Emerges As Best Payments And Transfer Company At 2016 African Fintech Awards



Left: Mr. Bolaji Akinboro and Mr. Ken Njoroge with the Best Payments and Transfer Company award


The agricultural sector and the financial sector are the two hot pitches in Africa of today. Merging the two sectors together with a pinch of technical flavour is what truly defines Cellulant, the company that has been elected as the Best Payments and Transfer Company across Africa.
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This year, at the African Fintech awards which is endorsed by world’s leading technology company IBM and CFO is the most coveted award for any financial technology company. Cellulant towering above more than 100 other Fintech companies to be awarded as the best Fintech company for payment and transfers is quite an achievement given the commitment and the dedication that is sacrificially offered buy its entire team across Africa. This is an attestation that the goal of seeing a more financially included Africa is closer than imagined, and a proof that Africa aspires to company that cares about the community; Companies that grow as they make other people grow.
Cellulant is the technology company providing the payment platform that has facilitated efficiency in provision of farm inputs across Nigeria and Liberia under Growth Enhancement Support Scheme (GESS) and the Agriculture transformation agenda of the African Development Bank – AfDB respectively. Already in 2015, the Federal Government of Nigeria and the Nigeria Agricultural Awards had recognized Cellulant as an outstanding contributor as provider of technology platform that revolutionalize the Agricultural sector. The  platform, Agrikore which is popularly known in Nigeria, Liberia and other African countries as e-wallet platform has enabled an ecosystem that connects governments, donors, financial institutions, merchants, mobile network operators and the consumer to create a single one-stop shop for a seamless digital payment experience.
To date, Cellulant is connected to more than 50 banks, 40 mobile operators, over 100 merchants and 200 businesses; touching the lives of more than 40 million consumers across Africa. Merging financial technologies and Agriculture made Cellulant stands out during the African Fintech Awards. For our grassroots entrepreneur, the big takeaway from Cellulant story is that “Impact” is the Key word. “Impact” or should we say “Valuable” Impact is all that made the difference between Cellulant and other major players in the industry.
 The co-founders of Cellulant Mr. Ken Njoroge and Mr. Bolaji Akinboro described the company as “a leader in digital financial services that specializes in mobile & other forms of e-payments. On the award, Mr Bolaji, CEO, Cellulant Nigeria said, “we are humbled and happy to be recognized as the 2016 Best Africa Payments and Transfers Company. This award is a reflection of the hard work and dedication of the amazing team of people at Cellulant Group.  He further stated that, as a value driven company, Cellulant will continue to innovate and transform businesses through our ecosystem.
Cellulant is one of the most wide spread mobile commerce company in Africa changing the lives of people in the following countries such as Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Botswana, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Malawi, Liberia, Ghana and still growing.

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