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Public Relations Is Really About Details

Public Relations
By Erhumu Bayagbon
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Just imagine that at the launch of a flagship product, your CEO was introduced as the Marketing Director.
What if the MC dressed the chairman of the board of your company in a borrowed robe, let’s say, labeling and addressing him as the Finance Director at the aforesaid launch?
Or the invitation letter to the Governor has a wrong address.
Maybe, the press release announcing the product launch omitted a major product functionality.
Did you just say disaster? That is what the guy called attention to details can do. If you ignore him, he will ensure nothing works well. If you pay attention to him, things will happen according to plan.
Public Relations, in practice, is about details. Small things matter. And, small things are really big in PR parlance.
In managing any successful PR programme, attention to details is crucial as it can either make or mar the best of PR plans.
They say, Public Relations is about addressing people properly.
And yet, the game hasn’t changed. You could extend this expression to other spheres of the profession.
Let’s say, letter writing to stakeholders. Do you pay attention to the fonts? Is the writing style appropriate and consistent? Is the page well justified? Is the tone appropriate? What about the language?
We can also extend this to what is referred to as the press pack in traditional Public Relations parlance. What should the press pack contain? Basically, literature and relevant details about an event/announcement. This is supposed to make the job easier for journalists and reporters. But if you miss a crucial item, the press pack becomes absolutely useless.
While there are many dimensions in terms of the complexity the Public Relations role throws up, lack of attention to details can ruin it all for any PR professional.
Unfortunately, details can also influence other people’s perception of you. If your principal or client has the impression that you do not pay attention to details, this might just signal the end of growth or new opportunities for you.
Details matter. And those who pay attention to details are mostly considered high-flyers.
I am sure some Public Relations gurus will rank other issues ahead of attention to details. For instance, they might talk about big strategy, managing egos, ensuring top-notch visibility, effective stakeholders’ engagement/management, managing people, etc.
In truth and practice, attention to details guarantees a solid foundation and the eventual success of any Public Relations programme.
Bayagbon is a communications professional based in Lagos.

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