Nexcel Marketing Partners Veative Labs To Deliver Experiential Learning


Nexcel Marketing and Communications Limited has partnered with Veative Labs, a global provider of interactive Virtual Reality Education Content, with a view to boosting the learning and teaching of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) concepts.

“STEM” is an important educational topic sweeping through homes and schools across the world.  STEM is an acronym representing the huge push to teach and involve students in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

Due to low enthusiasm in many schools, both parents and teachers are striving to find new and better ways to create greater interest in these critical learning topics. These classroom subjects give children relevant keys to a booming future in one of these science-driven fields. Although there are many ways to help encourage a STEM education, Virtual Reality makes teaching and learning of  STEM concepts engaging, involving , impactful and memorable

The quest to take Virtual Reality experience beyond games and contribute to rekindling of interest in the learning and teaching of STEM concept in Nigeria, necessitated Nexcel Marketing’s partnership with Veative Labs.

Tagged “Veative VR Module,” the application is localized to any language backed with OST (on-screen text) and VO (voice-over) to take care of different learning styles, including auditory learners. Information on Veative isalso presented in clear immersive visuals.

Veative Labs, is the largest global provider of interactive Virtual Reality Education Content dedicated to improving learning outcomes in the classroom. Veativeoffers the only virtual reality education solution that combines powerful virtual reality technology with research-based instructional practices, formative assessment data, and usage analytics.

On the other hand, Nexcel Marketing has been in the vanguard of promoting Virtual Reality Experiences for Games and entertainment with bespoke Virtual Reality arcades deployed in leading Shopping Malls in key cities pan Nigeria which has heightened the awareness of VR technology in Nigeria..

Speaking at the unveiling Ceremony in Lagos, the Chief Experience Officer of Nexcel Marketing ,Mr Uduak Bassey  said “ the Veative VR modules are curriculum-aligned, practical, and interactive covering the core science subjects – Physics, Chemistry, Biology , Mathematics and English Language  in Secondary Schools” .

Continuing, Mr Bassey emphasized that Veative VR bridges the gap between knowledge and understanding, connecting students with concepts by provoking higher-order thinking and a deeper sense of what something means by giving students the chance to experience things they otherwise couldn’t.

Once you put on the  Veative VR Headsets , it practically takes you into an immersive, distraction-free environment. As you select the subject and topic of interest, it starts with clarifying the learning objective  followed by paying attention to the core concept and thereafter the assessment all within the virtual space.

“This technology encourages students to become active learners rather than passive recipients of information. With the varied immersive experiences it offers, virtual reality  transforms both teaching and learning processes. It is the ultimate medium for delivering what is known as experiential learning,”Mr Bassey said.

According to him, uniqueness  of  Veative VR  include:

Veative is the King of VR Content – has the largest Inventory of Science  Education VR  Content globally

Useful Online/offline. This ensures that  Veative VR contents are accessible to EVERY student in the world, regardless of where they are.

It is localized to any language backed with OST (on-screen text) and VO (voiceover) to take care of different learning styles –Auditory Learners. Information is presented verbally – All modules are voiced.  Visual Learners. “Show me and I will understand.”  – Pretty obvious in the   Kinesthetic Learners. These are the experiential learners, learn by doing – Veative VR is interactive.

VeativeVR allows the teacher to be much more closely involved in the learning process, even though the students are working on their own. Veative encourages distraction-free learning enabling students to focus and concentrate on concepts.  But at the back-end Veative is able to collect data and provide analytics which shows progress and gaps in learning.  The Analytics can be viewed by the Teacher and even at  school management level to check results and track progress.

 More Importantly, Veative VR is very affordable and is designed to democratize knowledge impartation of tough STEM concepts

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