DottsMediaHouse Releases Second Edition Of Nigeria Influencer Marketing Report

At the release of the report.

Leading media agency, DottsMediaHouse has released its much-anticipated second edition of its annual Nigeria Marketing Report for the year at the recently held Social Media Week 2020 in Lagos.

According to DottsMediaHouse, the release of this year’s report follows an impactful result of the maiden report released last year and the feedback received from it. Tagged “The Digital Jollof” – A Deep Dive Into Influencer Marketing, the session which was well attended by media enthusiasts, influencers and marketing professionals was very impactful and everyone in attendance got a free copy of the newly released report.

Cross section of participants.

At the official release, The Founder and CEO of DottsMediaHouse, Tiwalola Olanubi Jnr in a statement explained the purpose and aim for the annual report: “The main objective of the annual reeport is to help brands/advertisers stay aware of the current state of influencer marketing and guide decision making towards their marketing plan, it will also help the content creators and influencers build a more effective model for their craft, and push individuals who are fit to be influencers across the nation realise their potential”

This Year’s report focuses on algorithms and its effects, trends, campaign case studies, hashtags and keywords, the power of content creation and projections for 2020. It features chapter contributors like Chidi Okereke, Samson Opaleye, Faith “Ifuennada” Iheme among others with a profound foreword by Iyin Aboyeji. To download the second edition of The Nigeria Influencer Marketing Report for free visit

Before closing the social media week session, DottsMediaHouse also introduced a new platform called TRENDUPP ( A Reward-Based Platform where Content Creators and Influencers across Africa can now get paid constantly for working on campaign briefs from various brands.

In the last 5 years, DottsMediaHouse has been at the forefront of influencer marketing and has been involved in over 50% of the successful online campaigns. In 2019 they went ahead to release the first-ever Nigeria Influencer Marketing Report (NIMR) with the aim to further bring to light the effectiveness of influencer marketing in the growing media space. The Nigeria Influencer Marketing was greatly received by the general public.

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