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Incorporated in 2005 as specialist Brand Activation company that focuses on brand growth through innovative activations, Linkpoint remains a non-traditional promotional marketing company that can deliver your brand directly to your customer by handing it to them; literally, making a lasting connection.

The company has the most amazing creative and project team as well as a database of dedicated and professional brand ambassadors to implement the clients’ ever demanding assignments.

Linkpoint is also a specialist brand activation and experiential marketing company with a distinct focus on brand growth through innovative activation. The agency is made up of a team of enterprising and innovative young professionals who are knowledgeable in brand benefits, education and management.

Led by Ropo Alabi who is ably supported by Ibrahim Anibaba, Linkpoint has successfully implemented innovative brand activations and pioneered campaigns such as introducing creative dispenser (Rocket Man) to Lipton Tea Activation in West Africa.

Fired by the vision of standing out as the best brand activation company in West Africa, Linkpoint places a high premium on offering quality and impactful activation delivery through the strength of its wealth of experience, creative and multi-skilled human resources employed and technology deployed for planning, execution and appraisal of all activations.

The company has won many awards through sheer hardwork and tireless dedication. Some of the awards include: Consumer Brand Activation 2016 by Brand Campaign Magazine; Most Innovative & Impactful Brand Activation Company Award – Nigeria Brand Award 2014; Best Sampling & Direct Marketing Consulting Firm of the year 2009. West Africa World Class Relationship Marketing Consultant, 2008, of the Institute of Direct Marketing Nigeria; West Africa Best Business To Consumers (B2C) and Direct Marketing Agency of the year 2006.

The company’s proprietary work philosophy is hinged on 360° brand stewardship. “The concept behind the philosophy is geared towards one end, and one alone to ensure that a powerful brand idea underpins all Linkpoint’s creative executions for clients.”

LinkPoint is a responsible, responsive, innovative agency that places top priority on its clients’ bottom line. Synergy between in-store and out-store activations is ensured as both services are offered under one roof. It approaches every campaign with as much enthusiasm as if it were its first and pays much attention to its details as if it were its last. The philosophy flows into its core value of ensuring a win-win situation for its clients, the consumer and itself.


Alabi demands and gets hundred per cent efficiency on each project from his team. “We take our job as if it is the only job we are going to do. No job is too small or too big not to warrant our full undivided attention. We take each job as if we are never going to get another one. We always put in all that we’ve got into it to ensure success.”

To differentiate itself from the competition, Linkpoint has concentrated its efforts in sales. The agency has successfully implemented hundred per cent sales targets for most of the brands under its portfolio. Linkpoint strategically does this through effective consumer promotion and other means available to it to increase brand presence, profitable growth, building brand awareness, encouraging customers to switch to the products of its clients, improving demand and building a better relationship with wholesalers, retailers and consumers.

Having served in Unilever at top managerial levels, Ropo Alabi understands that LinkPoint must be target driven agency if it is to succeed. Consequently, Linkpoint works diligently every time to achieve targets set by clients and always aim for more than hundred per cent delivery.

“Sales is one of our strong points. More often than not, we want to do activation for you. We also want to add value (Return on Investment) to whatever is being given to us. We don’t just want to do activation to spend the client’s money. We also want the client to have something back for spending the money. Sales has been a core area of our business and it has been our identity at LinkPoint.”

Ibrahim Anibaba, Linkpoint’s Director of Strategy and Planning is equally passionate regarding the vision of the agency. According to him, “In as much as we want to make profit and make the business of experiential and brand activation number one, we make sure we are winning for our clients too. Our client’s ROI is quite important to us. We win together, so the business can continue. The win-win approach is key for us because if we only win while the client loses, there would not be any business for us again.


“Sales is a very difficult area in brand activation, especially with experiential marketing. It has to do with cash and the stocks and also achieving sales targets. When we go out for activation, we ensure that there is ROI that comes back with that activation. The sales beat is actually what stands us out because not all experiential agencies handle sales the way we do.

“Getting people to purchase is very difficult. Managing the resource in terms of the stocks, managing the resource in terms of doing reconciliation of what is being sold on a daily basis with the partner or the client. Those are difficult things that we have been able to put some processes in place to manage. That is why we stand out strongly when we have to do sales activities for most of our clients.”

Interestingly, Linkpoint holds the relationship it enjoys with its clients very much. This is why the agency has made transparency the bedrock of its operations. It keeps detailed reports, voice contact, correspondence and other relevant documents in a project file for clients even if they never ask to see it.

Anibaba explained further: “We are transparent in our operations. In all our dealings, we ensure that we remain open. We have what we call a project file and we prepare for our clients most especially those who request for it with our own copies. This file contains all documents that have to do with the project, ranging from the receipts to how much we paid for things bought on the field, transactions with third parties are made and sent to our clients so they know how it all went. These transactions are usually made through the bank.

“Also, accountability is one of our core values. When you are doing experiential marketing, there is a whole lot being given to you by clients. They give you their stocks, their money and they share their plans as well as their confidential information with you. We take those things as top priority and we are always accountable for all that is given to us. We are also accountable to the consumers as well. If the client asks us to sell something at the rate of N10, for instance, we would not sell it for more.

“We also thrive on our professionalism in everything we do. Our professional approach is key for us in this tough economic environment.”

Also, the agency is a haven of satisfied clients who have continually patronized it over the years. Worthy of mention among the clients are , Reckitt Benckiser, GSK, United Biscuits, Nigerian Breweries, Airtel, Unilever, Dangote Salt, Guinness, Haansbro, FrieslandCampina, FMN, Chi Foods and May & Baker.

Linkpoint’s bouquet of services includes event management, brand activation, outlet mapping and road shows.

In event management, Linkpoint focuses on creating unique, inventive and exceptional ideas, managing both corporate and private functions, from conceptual design, planning and organization.

In brand activation, Linkpoint extends the brand’s power to communicate, add reach and meaning, build visibility and memorability and reinforce key associations while unlocking the latent potential of brands by staying true to a brand’s essence and turning it into an enduring, memorable relevant experience.

In outlet mapping, Linkpoint endeavours to connect clients and their retailers by helping them to develop better systems of service.

And finally, in road shows, Linkpoint provides a fun way to promote brands to the masses using a coordinated and cost-effective approach that includes product sampling, fair and exhibition and direct selling and merchandising- a core competence of Linkpoint services where it just doesn’t take brand to consumer but also makes them buy the brand.


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