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At Brooks + Blake, Perception Makes All The Difference  



Leadership TeamThe trend in marketing communications across the world has put a lot more into perspective the essence of positive perception to the survival of any discerning organisation. Coupled with the changing pattern of consumption among consumers, a company that lacks good reputation stands the risk of been relegated on the scale of consumer attention. Brooks + Blake Nigeria Limited, an independent perception management and consulting firm prides itself with helping organisations manage their reputation and grow their businesses to an enviable height.

Established in 2010, Brooks+Blake is passionately committed to positioning its clients as leaders in their areas of speciality as well as enhancing their visibility and profitability. Currently with offices in Nigeria and Cameroon, B+B plan to expand its scope of operations to other West African country in the near future.

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At B+B, we believe perception makes all the difference. Our clients enjoy customised public relations activities to help manage their perception because we are very mindful of the fact that when the perception is right, the product is right; and when the product is right, profit and growth will be assured” said Sola Fijabi, Principal Partner, Brooks + Blake Nigeria Limited.

To achieve the best results, the B+B processes are established firmly on five values which drive their operations. “To deliver successfully on our brief, PICIF has been our framework. PICIF stands for Partnership, Integrity, Continuous Improvement, Innovation and Focus. Our members of staff are entrenched in this principle and that guides whatever they contribute as their inputs and ultimately, what become the outputs and outcomes of every campaign and engagement with our clients. With these principles, we have been able to hone our brief and presentations and proffer realistic solutions” Fijabi said.

Creative & DigitalOn the issue of agency-client relationship, the company has been able to navigate the path with its professional disposition to handling every assignment. According to Fijabi, it has not been easy in some instances but “we have allowed professionalism to guide our footsteps because every client presents a different challenge.  We appreciate good and enduring relationship with all our clients and we are happy that they have reciprocated by entrusting in our hands their reputation. We are happy thus far that we have been able to manage these images across our various clients in the last seven years and all credit goes to them. Today, where excellence is the basis for many successful business relationships, we have enjoyed a symbiotic relationship with companies that recognize such values.”

The B+B value has been greatly driven by its vision of becoming a leading marketing communication consulting firm with a reputation for driving exceptional and transformational results for clients across the African market. Its mission is to provide the best marketing solutions and experiences with a measurable impact on its clients businesses, using relevant technology and its people while adopting world’s best practices.


“That is what we have sought to build over the years and we are honoured to have been recognised for this fit by our contemporaries and regulators in the industry. We are privileged to have won the Marketing World Award (MWA) as the best PR Agency in Nigeria for three years consecutively; that is 2014, 2015 and 2016. We have also won the Marketing Edge Award as the PR Agency in Nigeriafor 2016 and 2017. B+B was also the first PR agency to win the Nigerian Institute of Public Relations (NIPR) Corporate Citizen of Excellence Award. We appreciate our clients who gave us the opportunity to showcase what we can do” said Taiwo Ogunwumi, Executive Director, Brooks and Blake.

Media & ResearchOgunwumi further stated that, “we have constantly maintained the quest to always improve on the last job, because you are actually as good as your last job. It must also be noted that there is a healthy competition in the Nigeria PR industry and that is another motivating factor for us to continuously improve and deliver the best of our services.”

Despite the challenge with commissioned research in the country, Brooks + Blake within its capacity is seriously driving at always delivering scientific PR solutions.

“In interpreting our briefs, we try as much as possible to be analytical. Research gives us an opportunity to fine-tune our strategies and approaches to delivering on the best solution in perception management. Without research, we may be leading blind-folded. Research provides us with the requisite insight into the brief, leading to the recommendations and activations. We use research tools and auditing systems in line with international best practice to achieve the best results aimed at growing the businesses of our clients. Our intention is always to deliver value in a way that would showcase our innovative and professional approach in engaging with our clients and demonstrate our thought process toplace our clients in the league of extraordinary achievers. All these we achieve using both the traditional and digital media” Ogunwumi said.

The dynamic drive for outstanding achievements have seen Brooks + Blake execute world class projects like the Cadbury Nigeria Plc’s  invention of the World Largest Inflatable Jar;a Guinness World Records feat which successfully put Nigeria on the world map. The MTN Foundation’s What Can We Do Together initiative is another hugely impactful campaign executed by Brooks + Blake. The initiative which transcended the regular lines of corporate social responsibility, in two phases, impacted more than 10 million Nigerians in 400 communities across 347 local government areas.

Corporate Services & OperationsB+B also work for other clients which include, GSK Consumer Nigeria Plc, GSK Pharmaceuticals, PZ Cussons, Unilever Nigeria Plc, Nigerian Economic Summit Group (NESG), Suntory Beverage and Foods, UAC Nigeria among other project based clients.

Brooks + Blake is already looking beyond the present with a desire to consolidate on its position in the integrated marketing industry in Nigeria and continuously satisfy its clients. “We have two sister-companies which are RadarTrail, a digital company, and Trybes Marketing. RadarTraildeals in digital content monitoring and management while Trybes Marketing is an experiential marketing outfit. So, we are looking at a one-stop shop for marketing solutions to serve clients within Nigeria and across Africa,” Ogunwumi informed.

Content & ExperientialOn the way forward for Brooks + Blake, Ogunwumi said: “we will continue to expand our services to other markets beyond our existing hubs in West and Central Africa creating and taking advantage of new and existing businesses. We will continue to grow our people and processes to serve as reference points for perception management in the industry and businesses interested in bespoke perception management services. We will continue to grow organically and hope that everyone involved with us appreciates the same standard to achieve that level of excellence.”





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  1. Amonbaba says

    This is a wonderful piece. keep soaring Brooks and Blake. You guys are one of the best PR agencies in Nigeria.

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